Lead Generation For Property Consultants

As a property consultant, it can be difficult for you to generate leads that turn into property sales.

You want to increase business awareness to create conversations with investors that convert into fruitful property sales, but finding the right investor to do business with can be a struggle, with so many businesses already providing their advice in an ever-changing property market, how do you compete? We put you, the property consultant, in contact with a host of investors through the direct use of LinkedIn networking. We help generate leads and create conversations, which in turn will lead to successful and ongoing relationships with property investors on a global scale.

Take the hassle out of Property Leads

As a property consultant working as a solo operator or for a smaller firm you will struggle to get your brand to rank at the top of the Google search list: there are just too many big-name players already involved in the industry. To make a stake in the SEO/PPC game your business would have to invest incredible amounts of time and money just to make it to page one on Google.

Start a Targeted Linkedin Campaign

Consider the use of LinkedIn as the main marketing tool for generating leads and connecting with qualified prospects. Connect Prospect does all the work for you, using our skills and experience in B2B direct marketing to grow your network and create meaningful conversations with your prospects. This is done through a series of direct marketing strategies as well as through direct emailing to your defined target prospects.

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Connect Prospect guarantees to deliver, but we’re not for everybody. We invest significantly upfront into your campaign but we only take on new campaigns if we believe we can live up to our promise.

Michael Joseph – Director


Traditional methods of lead generation have become nearly obsolete, with over 90 per cent of cold calls being refused by the decision makers in business. What has become effective is direct marketing strategizing for leads through LinkedIn. The platform is one of the world’s most effective online tool for generating leads and business. With over 500 million active users and growing, it is vital that as a property consultant looking to create meaningful conversations you turn toward a direct networking strategy through LinkedIn. You will see your leads grow in no time, and the amount of meaningful conversations with qualified investors will increase rapidly.

LinkedIn truly is the most modern and effective way to marketing your business. With your role of analysing the property market for your clientele and exploring different options for your clients… creating effective networking and lead generation strategies is a time-consuming endeavour you just shouldn’t have to deal with. We can do this all for you! Expanding your network and generating meaningful conversations, which will in turn lead to an expansion of business opportunities. Your business’s success is our passion, and we work hard to ensure you are connected with a wide range of prospects which in turn will create successful client relations for your business.

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