5 Steps to Building Your Company’s Linkedin Profile

Building your company’s profile on LinkedIn can give you fantastic chances of promoting your products and services, along with attracting the extraordinary talents and sharing information. However, you need to play your cards right and build an amazing company profile which attracts the eyes when using Linkedin Marketing.

Here are some of the factors which should be kept in mind while building your company’s profile on LinkedIn:

  1. Fascinating description of your business

The first page of company’s profile on LinkedIn consists of a cover photo, links to various products, services and careers, updates about the company, and the likes. The About Us heading of your profile must contain a compelling succinct of your business and do not forget to use proper keywords so that people can find out your profile through relevant searches.


  1. Product and services tab

While making your company’s profile on LinkedIn, you must not forget to include a product and services tab in your profile. This tab would include the images of your products and the description of your services along with the links to purchase them. The sales section contains the details and the benefits of the product, so in this way, you can try to influence your customers for buying your products.

In your company’s profile on LinkedIn, the first product or the service mentioned under your sales sections appear as a featured product. Make sure that the newest products or the products which you want to promote should come on the top of the list.


  1. Eye catching cover page

The cover page is the first thing which appears when someone looks for your company’s profile on LinkedIn. If you want to impress people, then your cover photo must be appealing, visually dynamic and something which can tempt them to take a closer look at it. Many visitors do not open the about us page and that is why you must include two -three line description of your company in the cover page too.


  1. Include career opportunities

LinkedIn is an incredible place to hire experts, professionals and it can work as a platform for you to recruit and teach a large number of qualified people. So if you want to hire people for your company, then be sure that you add careers page in your company’s profile on LinkedIn. You have to pay for getting a career page over LinkedIn but this can give you an opportunity to lure the kind of employees that you want to hire.


  1. Ask for reviews

The review page of a product or the service page of a company’s profile reflects a lot about the company and thus forms a very vital part. You can ask people to write reviews about your products and services and you can publish them on your LinkedIn page and your website, for broadening their reach even more. Positive reviews will increase the goodwill of your company, whereas negative reviews will point out the areas where you need to work.

Take care of the above-mentioned guidelines and build an attractive company profile on LinkedIn.

By Connect Prospect

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