LinkedIn Publishing Trends Every Marketer Should Know

With the development of digital technology, every website is seeing an enormous growth and LinkedIn is one among them all. In today’s time, LinkedIn has become an important network for social shares. The number of articles getting published on it is continuously increasing just because it plays an important role in the distribution of content for articles on other domains. Getting the help of a Linkedin Marketing agency is could also be an option.

You can also make the most out of this platform by publishing useful content. We will tell you how!

  • Title of the Article

You should give your article an impressive title that should be 40 – 49 characters in length; this will give it an increased number of post views.

  • Style of Listing

Try to make the headline attractive. For this, you can take the help of social media or you can also go for AdWords add.

  • Give headings and sub-headings

Break your posts into various heading and sub-headings. This would make the process of article writing and reading easy.

  • Length of the article

It is generally seen that long articles of around 2000 words perform well and gain maximum views, likes, and shares. So, try to keep the length between 1500-2000 words.

  • Language

It is highly recommended to keep the language neutral to get positive feedbacks. The language should state the facts, you can use free sentiments tools like AlchemyAPI for analyzing the sentiments you have received. Also, the language should be very simple so that it can be read by everyone.

  • Action words

These work well for the published articles. The most shared posts are those that have headline words like success, business, career, job, boss, and the likes. So, try to write posts that are practical, professional and personal.

  • Evergreen content

Your content should be attractive and evergreen; also you should update it regularly so that it is in line with the requirements of your readers.

  • Add images

Addition of YouTube media and other images will help your article stand out. Also, try to make the article bold if you are repurposing it.

  • Banner image

It is one of the best methods to attract readers and visitors. All you need to do is use software like Pic Monkey or Canva to make a banner image of size 698*400.

  • Keep the readers moving

Always try to introduce a call to action in your articles, try to convince them so that they can sign up for your free report, video or newsletter.

  • Introduce links

Addition of links to the article helps in driving maximum traffic to your articles and blog posts.

  • Addition of an author bio

Try to add a bio that links to your site, this will help in the marketing your written content.

  • Tweet the article

Don’t forget to tweet the article as soon as you publish it on LinkedIn. The more the likes, shares, and comments you will get, more are the chances of getting it noticed by a channel editor.

What are your views on this? How do you market your content on LinkedIn? Do let us know in the comments.

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