How to Promote Your Posts using LinkedIn

Since the last few years, LinkedIn has evolved greatly. Many individuals and firms are using this platform in order to grow their business by attracting a larger base of clients. Extracting maximum use out of LinkedIn is something to pay attention to.

Some ways to promote posts on LinkedIn are as follows

  • Create an appealing profile

By making an attractive profile on LinkedIn, you can attract a large number of customers. All you need to do is post regularly and preferably with some images thereby making the content even more attractive. The post must be such that it conveys your views in simple, apt and short words.

Including links may also give your content huge weightage. Try to connect with more and more people from your targeted industry. Also, play an active part in the groups you are a member of on LinkedIn and play a good role in discussions, answer questions and the like.

  • Post on Linkedin Pulse

The difference between an article and a status update is worth paying attention to. LinkedIn’s unique feature allows you to post both the things like a pro. On one hand, the article must be a bit elaborative, and of at least 400-500 words, whereas on the other hand, the status update must be precise and should include images and links.

  • Share your post on various social platforms

LinkedIn enables it’s users to share posts, links etc. very quickly on other networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. This helps you to attract more traffic from diverse fields and regions. This is usually termed as the domino effect which helps you to attract various readers.

  • You can always join a group

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn also allows you to create groups, but these groups on LinkedIn serve a greater purpose. Try to be a part of a group which is in any way related to the sector or industry that your business deals in. After making cordial relations with everyone else in the group you can slowly start promoting your posts on this group. Just be careful of one fact, that you don’t do it more than once a week as people consider it nagging sometimes. In meantime, try to appreciate and promote other’s work as well. This ultimately proves to be beneficial to you.

  • If you can, buy sponsored ads

If your budget allows, you must buy sponsored updates. These updates prove to be fruitful in attracting and reaching a larger audience as compared to the other tactics. You can post about burning issues like research related developments, company news and the like in your article.

In order to double the effect, you may also consider incorporating visuals in your article related to the sponsored updates. This may increase your chances to get noticed, as people love the fancy way of expressing any fact.

So, next time you post anything on your LinkedIn profile, try to consider the above mentioned tactics. You will surely see a hike in the percentage of people showing interest in your post. Happy posting!

  • Hire a Linkedin Agency

If budget allows, hiring a Linkedin Marketing Company can have significant effects on your prospecting and Linkedin Activities. Linkedin Experts can help you grow your database with highly qualified leads, brining in more opportunities for your business.

By Connect Prospect

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Douglas Townsend

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