Improve your chances to Go Viral On LinkedIn

Every business is about people. It’s about creating a trusted brand name that the potential customers can rely on. So instead of trying to get popular, focus on building a connection between your customers and how they can related to you business.

  • Do not focus on going viral, focus on building a brand

The reason behind the above notion is that when we lay our focus only on gaining popularity, we often end up doing the things which were not required in the first place. Many businesses make use of all the weird hacks. This makes them shift from their purpose of being on LinkedIn.  Do not just focus on the number of likes, views that your post yields; instead pay attention towards increasing the brand value of your business. Try to gain more and more customers by connecting with them righteously.

  • Focus on building your own story

The keyword here is to try finding yourself first. One should not try to copy others views or opinions. Instead, try and bring out thoughts that are originally yours. Do not fake!

The above can be accomplished by seeking answers for a few questions like – what do you want to do, why your business is here for, what are your strong points and what would fulfill your brand’s goals?

Once you find answers to these questions, it would be really helpful to connect with the genuine people.

  • Optimize your profile

Whenever any visitor comes across your profile, they generally look for the attractiveness or professionalism on your page in the first instance. Despite having the utmost quality content, if your page does not appear worth connecting, you won’t be able to gain popularity on LinkedIn and your Linkedin Marketing efforts will go to waste. Next, focus on your tagline- it should be highly specific and to the point.

Your tagline should be written in an easy language which the visitor can understand in a few seconds, avoid using any jargon or hype.

  • Endorse your connections

Many businesses think that it is enough to take steps which will help them get a better ranking on search engines only. But the fact is that it is equally important to search for potential endorsements for your business too. Try to get endorsed by the people who are highly skilled in the concerned area and have the right knowledge of the same. It attracts people.

  • Consistency is key

A regular online presence is needed once you enter social media. Make sure that you are always creating some good content for your beloved customers as well as potential customers. If you create many regular contents, and post them, at least some of them will become popular.

Make sure that the story or the content that you put up on a daily basis is simple but eye-catchy. Avoid using any fancy words; instead, use actionable words that catch attention.

By Connect Prospect

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Douglas Townsend

Managing Director - Markstone Group Pty Ltd