Why You Must Use LinkedIn Pulse For Your Business?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking platforms where the main objective is to do business and share ideas. Any professional would definitely have a LinkedIn account. However, LinkedIn in spite of its popularity and a medium to connect with ambitious people out there wasn’t considered being a platform for publishing articles and blogging until a few days back.

LinkedIn Pulse is a feature that will give enough reasons why you must use it to reach out to the widest number of audience. LinkedIn is among the top 10 websites that have the most inflow of traffic; therefore publishing with Pulse will get you a major bulk of traffic to view your published work.

How to Publish on Pulse?

Publishing on the Pulse is very easy but you must have a LinkedIn account first. The LinkedIn profile allows you to share your professional details with a wide range of other professionals. Once you log into your account, you will find a ‘Share an update’ box where you can simply click the pencil icon to upload text, images and even embedded videos. Tags can also be added to specify the targeted audience.

Reasons Why You Must Publish On Pulse

  • Pulse is a very powerful tool to get your work featured as it reaches huge viewers without paying anything for it. This is called ‘organic reach’ which is quite low for Facebook or Twitter as compared to LinkedIn. There are examples of people who could reach targeted audience so fast that they were able to create record business deals and sign new ventures.
  • Next important reason to publish on the Pulse is to get a relevant audience for your post. When it’s business, nobody has time to waste and therefore targeting the right people to read your post within a short period of time is very important. The best thing about LinkedIn services compared with other social networking sites is that people don’t visit this place to beguile their time but to make most of their time. Hence, posting here means the right kind of people looking for right kind of ideas and deals will be around to find you and your work.
  • Pulse initially was accessible to top notch people but now it’s open to 230 million English speaking users. So don’t waste any more time and make your articles, write up or any creative piece of work reach the right people within seconds.
  • If you can create good content that will showcase your experience, expertise, and skills, then you stand a great chance to be identified by the right people and you will also be known for your caliber. Your work may benefit others as well in terms of gaining knowledge, therefore, a very healthy network of like-minded people can be created to benefit everyone.
  • The Pulse is a ready-made tool for you to make your work become readable by relevant people. The same thing if you would have published in your own blog there wouldn’t have been a guarantee that people would have discovered it. You can write and publish at your own convenience on Pulse.

So how soon are you starting?

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