5 Reasons Your Brand Should Be On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform where you seek professionalism. Mostly, the profiles here are of business owners and those who are either seeking jobs or providing jobs. It is a powerful tool for those individuals and companies that have been looking to increase their reach by making new connections and by building a brand. When used rightly, LinkedIn is a face changer for businesses especially for business to business (B2B) companies.

Here are 5 reasons your brand should be on LinkedIn:

1. LinkedIn is growing at a fast pace

LinkedIn is the third powerful social networking site where people rely on making new connections. With 2 new users joining every second, it has geared up its user base in 2017 with a superseding amount. This is due to the changes it has undergone from new desktop design to rich feed, new features and better insight on who is viewing your profile.

2. Best suited for B2B business

LinkedIn has been recently used more for finding potential customers and for selling products. According to reports, it is best suited for new companies to increase their reach. Users these days prefer to engage with companies with whom they can connect online. It is for this reason, LinkedIn is a trusted platform to generate new leads and customers even more than Facebook or through blogs.

3. Long form post

Long form post tends to be more effective as they broadcast your expertise on a particular topic to an extent to be understandable by others. They effectively boost traffic and bring followers to your profile. With LinkedIn long form post, there is no need to have a blog of your own. Long post form is visible in each of your follower’s profile and your own profile.

4. Professionalism to the core

The most important reason your brand should be marketing using LinkedIn is associated with its professionalism. It is a social network mainly built for maintaining formal connections between companies and individuals. This means that if your company is on LinkedIn, it will only attract the professional and affluent customers. Build your brand by constantly engaging your customers with a new and interesting post on your profile and about relevant updates.

5. Recruitment and product launches

When your brand is on LinkedIn, it automatically becomes easier to recruit new talented employees in your company. LinkedIn can find the perfect employees for you from the pool of its qualified users.

No more relying on press releases to launch your new product! LinkedIn is a reliable platform to spread a word about your new products to millions of customers, bloggers and media people. According to reports, LinkedIn is the no. 1 preferred platform for new products launches for B2B business.  Stats reveal that B2B businesses prefer LinkedIn for product launches over any other social media platform.

If your brand isn’t on LinkedIn yet, make sure you wait no more. Build your profile on LinkedIn and build your brand. It’s the best for generating leads and builds your presence online.

By Connect Prospect

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Douglas Townsend

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