5 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn for Your Business

With a user base of 500 million, LinkedIn is a professional social networking website which came into being much before Facebook and Twitter. However, LinkedIn is mostly underutilized due to the advent of various other social networking platforms. If used to its full potential, LinkedIn can take your business to new heights provided you know how to utilize the various features of it.

LinkedIn can generate new leads for your business or product if you use its features effectively. Here are some of the ways which can drive traffic to your business through LinkedIn advertising:

1. LinkedIn groups

Joining LinkedIn groups that relate to your own business is the easiest way to acquire more leads. In LinkedIn, one can join up to 50 groups. You can use filters in the LinkedIn Groups under various categories to find the similar prospects as yours. As you join the page, go to the Members page and run filtered search to find the members that can influence your company based on physical location, job titles and more.

You can send a personal invitation to each one on the list to make them gravitate towards you and not to your competitors.

2. LinkedIn network and search

With so many users on LinkedIn, how to be found is really challenging. The simplest way is to build a long chain of networks. Once you have built your connected network, use the advanced LinkedIn search to strive for quality. You can connect with the past employees of the company or even with the existing employees and have an insight into the company.

This strategy works well for companies who are recruiting too.

3. Create LinkedIn events

Just like any other social networking site, LinkedIn also enables you to create events that target thousands of people for free. If your company organize events frequently, LinkedIn is the best way to promote. If someone from your connections responds to your events, it appears on the home page of all your connections, thus promoting your event in the process.

4. Be consistent

You should consistently be linked to LinkedIn even if there isn’t something specific. Be active with your connections and keep in touch with them with your recent activities and whatever you are up to. You should keep sharing content that can attract new users and build your network.

5. LinkedIn Endorsements

If you use LinkedIn on a daily basis, you would know about its new feature called LinkedIn Endorsements. With this feature, you will see a bulletin board that shows the most profound connections or people related to your expertise you have mentioned in your profile. It is helpful in providing visibility as you can be endorsed and give an endorsement to any number of people.

So now with this, you know why LinkedIn is considered as a powerful tool to promote and expand your business. If you remain consistently active on LinkedIn, you would know and understand it better with due course of time. Make good advantage of it in getting new leads to your business.

By Connect Prospect

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