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“In the 2 months we have used their services, It has succeeded our expectations in terms of new leads and appointments and we couldn’t be happier!”

Douglas Townsend - Managing Director | Markstone Group Pty Ltd

A Linkedin Marketing Agency For Professionals

Linkedin Lead Generation For Business Professionals

Recruitment Agencies

Does your recruitment agency need to seek new and ongoing partnerships to generate new clients?

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Sales Professionals

Does your Sales Team need a more consistent flow of qualified leads to fill their pipeline?

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Property Consultants

Have a new development project and would like to attract the right type of buyers?

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Motivational Speakers

Are you a speaker wanting to grow your personal brand but unable to get your brand noticed?

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Mortgage Brokers

Does you mortgage brokerage firm offer refinancing solutions based on individual circumstances?

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Does your manufacturing company have a great product but unable to source the right suppliers and distributors?

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Management Consultants

Do you have a unique style of consulting that is proven to help businesses get better results?

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IT Support

Own an IT consultancy and need to create and maintain partnerships with new businesses?

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Financial Planners

Are you a financial planning professional wanting to attract new prospective businesses?

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Business Lenders

Are you a lender needing to build your awareness by getting in front of more businesses that need funding?

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Business Coaches

Are you a business coach wanting to secure more roles inspiring business owners?

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Do you want to expand your accounting firm to serve more high end clients?

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Client: Research & Development Grants Pty Ltd


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The Benefits of Linkedin

Build a Qualified Database

LinkedIn Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools in modern business. With over 550 million growing users of the platform, there is no doubt that having an effective LinkedIn strategy is important for business success. Furthermore, other marketing techniques are becoming superfluous.

Professional Outreach

A report conducted by B2B marketing journal “Social Selling Labs”, indicates that over 90 per cent of decision makers simply won’t answer cold calls. With a LinkedIn Marketing Agency now one of the most dominant tool for B2B, a careful networking solution has to be utilised to ensure leads are being created and prospects are being reached out to effectively.

Experience Social Selling

As a Linkedin Marketing Agency we help you get into direct contact with your defined target audience using Linkedin’s Premium featured services. Your sales people will have plenty to do as we continue to build their network and Linkedin relationships; benefiting from the results of a sophisticated and highly targeted social selling strategy. At Connect Prospect, the success of your business is paramount.


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What They Are Saying…

A dedicated, hardworking professional who delivered what he said would. Michael always does what’s right for our company. We now know that whatever he says he will do, it gets done, and it is thoughtful, clever and accurate. We don’t have to ask again or spend time reworking each effort. Michael's work is well researched and in-depth - hitting the industry's demands in making a proposal. The proposal was fair and accurate. The team only included the necessary information for us to decide and presented the information in a clear and concise format.
Mark Badger
Mark Badger
06:53 21 May 18
Michael is unlike most marketing professionals I have met! He is extremely passionate about his work and works very hard to achieve the outcomes which have been set by his clients. Michael is highly intelligent, professional and has great integrity. Working with Michael has been highly enjoyable and a great way to learn modern marketing and LinkedIn lead generation strategies.
Greg Rozenberg
Greg Rozenberg
23:22 31 May 18
I was sceptical of getting any results given the previous failures we have had with online lead gen companies, given our competitive industry. Michael has been very professional and responsive, in fact he was chasing us to keep things moving. True to his word within a few days of commencing we have had great response rates to the campaign and in have received a number of consistent leads and even a couple of live deals even though it's only early on in the campaign.
Dan Peters
Dan Peters
02:09 28 May 18
I have been working with Michael and the team at Connect Prospect and have been extremely impressed by the way they have helped me grow my business. With the results they have generate I am now looking forward to a long term sustainable partnership with them.
Tim Jess
Tim Jess
00:05 18 May 18
We'd tried everything to market our business online. Michael came to us with the idea of prospecting using Linkedin. In the 2 months we have used his services, It has succeeded our expectations in terms of new leads and appointments and we couldn't be happier! I'd recommend Connect Prospect to anybody who's not operating in my industry, because this is a great way to get to your potential clients.
Douglas Townsend
Douglas Townsend
22:30 23 May 18

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Every business owner understands the importance of attracting qualified leads into their business. At Connect Prospect, we have been utilising effective lead generations strategies for our clients for over 10 years. Our service provides a solution for busy business professionals to generate new qualified leads everyday using Linkedin.

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If you’re a business professional who really needs to generate more qualified leads into your business, and your tired of digital marketing companies promising to generate traffic to your website that never seem to convert. Our Linkedin Marketing Services could be the solution you’re looking for!
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I’d recommend Connect Prospect to anybody who’s not operating in my industry. This is a great way to get to your potential clients

Douglas Townsend

Managing Director - Markstone Group Pty Ltd