Linkedin Lead Generation For Business Professionals

Why Linkedin?

✓ LinkedIn has the highest consumer buying power index of all social networks.

✓ LinkedIn members are one-and-a-half times as likely to engage in conversation.

✓ LinkedIn members are willing to pay almost twice as much for brands they trust.

✓ Consumers trust information on LinkedIn twice as often as they trust content on other social networks.


Motivational Speakers

Are you a speaker wanting to grow your personal brand but unable to get your brand noticed?

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Business Lenders

Are you a lender needing to build your awareness by getting in front of more businesses that need funding?

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Financial Planners

Are you a financial planning professional wanting to attract new prospective businesses?

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Do you want to expand your accounting firm to serve more high end clients?

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Recruitment Agencies

Does your recruitment agency need to seek new and ongoing partnerships to generate new clients?

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Management Consultants

Do you have a unique style of consulting that is proven to help businesses get better results?

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Sales Professionals

Does your Sales Team need a more consistent flow of qualified leads to fill their pipeline?

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IT Support

Own an IT consultancy and need to create and maintain partnerships with new businesses?

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Does your manufacturing company have a great product but unable to source the right suppliers and distributors?

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Property Consultants

Have a new development project and would like to attract the right type of buyers?

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Business Coaches

Are you a business coach wanting to secure more roles inspiring business owners?

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Mortgage Brokers

Does you mortgage brokerage firm offer refinancing solutions based on individual circumstances?

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Our Clients Results


Average Message Response Rate


Increase In Profile Views

↑ 49

Qualfied Leads in 30 Days

↑ 27

Meetings in 10 Days

Connect Prospect is a B2B direct marketing service that puts professionals in direct contact with their target prospects. We use our profound understanding of LinkedIn marketing solutions to connect businesses with clients, create meaningful conversations and help you close sales, and increase revenue. LinkedIn has become one of the most effective forms of B2B lead generation if used effectively, so to have a direct marketing strategy on the platform is imperative for businesses looking to connect with other professionals on this business network.

The importance of LinkedIn marketing

Growing users

LinkedIn has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools in modern business. With over 370 million growing users of the platform, there is no doubt that having an effective LinkedIn strategy is important for business success. Furthermore, other marketing techniques are becoming superfluous.

Network Solutions

A report conducted by B2B marketing journal Social Selling Labs, indicates that over 90 per cent of decision makers simply won’t answer cold calls. With LinkedIn now one of the most dominant tools for B2B marketing, a careful networking solution has to be utilised to ensure leads are being created and prospects connected with effectively.

Marketing strategy

We put you in direct contact with your defined target audience using our proven LinkedIn marketing strategy. Your business will generate leads like never before, benefiting from the results of a sophisticated and direct marketing strategy like no other. At Connect Prospect, the success of your business is paramount.

90% of decision makers do not answer cold calls.


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It’s always a great idea to produce new and creative marketing strategies for your business, and at Connect Prospect, this is our main passion.

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Initially I was sceptical but Michael and his team came through! In the first 30 days we generated 10 qualified appointments and closed over $60k in new business. If your business requires constant prospecting to generate high paying clients, this is a great direct marketing strategy.

Crystal Benson

Managing Director - Beyond Homes